Accounting services
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What is accounting outsourcing?

Accounting outsourcing is a special case of outsourcing business procedures and a way of poviding accounting servies to enterprises. It is the delegation of an organization’s accounting to highly qualified specialists of a separate company.


What are the benefits of accounting outsourcing?

Outsourcing makes it possible to increase the efficiency of a company thanks to correct accounting and the use of organizational, financial and human resources that are saved as a result of outsourcing to develop new directions or to concentrate efforts that do not require increased attention.


Decrease in the costs of an accounting department. There is no need to pay salaries, sick leaves, leave allowances, maternity leave allowances, social packages or for the equipment of workplaces.


Guarantee of quality of accounting services and strict confidentiality. Accounting outsourcing services are accompanied by an obligatory conclusion of an agreement.


In addition to accounting functions, it is possible to outsource your company's keeping of personnel records.


Online work: If you have any questions, you can always contact us online or come to the company office to get the necessary documents in a timely manner and consult with us.


Application or phone call

Meeting and getting access to 1C

Cost calculation

Signing of contract and prepayment

Acceptance and transfer of documents

Start of effective cooperation!

Types of services and their cost

The cost of bookkeeping depends on two criteria.First, it is the type of taxation. There are two types of taxation:
1. Simplified taxation system (STS);
2. 2.General taxation system (GTS).

Secondly, it is the amount of document flow at an enterprise. Below is the information on minimum rates, based on the document flow, and up to 70 operations per month. You can calculate these operations at your enterprise using the 1C accounting software.

STS-based Rates

Internet banking - 800 000 UZS

HR records keeping - 500 000 UZS

Accounting (70 operations) - 1 500 000 UZS

Import operations - 300 000 UZS


3 100 000 UZS


GTS-based Rates

Internet banking - 800 000 UZS

HR records keeping - 500 000 UZS

Accounting (70 operations) - 1 500 000 UZS

Import operations - 300 000 UZS

Reports - 800 000 UZS


3 900 000 UZS


Rates for standby mode

Internet banking - - 400 000 UZS

Personnel data management - 250 000 UZS

Accounting (70 operations) - 850 000 UZS


1 500 000 UZS


We also have additional services and a special offer for newly established companies.

Legal services

Company registration - от 2 000 000 UZS

Introduction of amendments to the statutory documents - от 1 500 000 UZS

Preparation of documents for obtaining a visa - 1 000 000 UZS

Preparation of documents for permission to engage foreign labour - 1 000 000 UZS

Preparation of documents for a work permit for a specialist - 1 000 000 UZS

* state fees are paid separately from the customer’s account


Special offer

For newly-opened enterprises



*Discount is valid for 1 month of service


Additional services

Installation of 1C computer program - from 3 000 000 UZS (depending on the type of activity)

Registration of import contracts in E-kontrakt - 300 000 UZS

1C software updates - per hour service rate250 000 UZS

The assessment of the condition of a client's accounting records in the 1C program - from 1 000 000 UZS

Courier (picks up documents once a week) 300 000 UZS


Our partners

We express appreciation for and value our business partners! Our mission is to provide the highest level of service, meeting all quality standards for the growth and development of our partners’ businesses. Our goal is to maintain long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation, with the focus on the prosperity of partnership relations! Thank you for your trust!

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